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Play Creative

Tired of Seeing Meta Decks Again and Again?

Have you experienced that you lost the game because the opponent used the top tier deck in any CCGOr have you ever decided not to go with a new play style because that is a troll build?

Come on!
My creative troll deck also deserves to win the game!

Instead of using the highest-tier deck over and over, I’d love to win the game with my unique decisions or strategies.

There are so many great aspects in the competitive card game without using stronger cards, such as psychological mind games, calculated decisions, creative builds, and unexpected strategies that nobody tried before.

Keun Games is on a journey to make awesome games that maximize the players’ customization and creativity in a balanced game environment. The first published game is SHAM (Shadows: Heroes & Monsters), the original PvPvE deck-building card game in a fantasy world. Keun Games has many exciting things planned for the future. 

Keun Games, LLC

Keun Games is committed to publishing board and card games driven by our mission: “Play Creative.” We aim to inspire gamers to nurture creativity, encouraging the development of personal strategies and communities, rather than solely focusing on winning or relying on powerful cards.

Keun Games was founded in 2019 in Indianapolis, IN, by Keun Ahn (Yeongkeun An) through his passion and love for games.

Keun Ahn (Yeongkeun An)

The founder and head of Keun Games, LLC,  Keun Ahn (Yeongkeun An), is passionate about creating comics, animations, arts, and board games.
He was born and raised in South Korea, where he transformed his childhood hobby of creating multimedia into his first job out of college.  In 2016, Keun moved to Indianapolis, IN with his wife, where he fell in love with the tabletop game culture. Since then, Keun has spent his free time developing “Shadows: Heroes & Monsters”, the original PvPvE Deck-building Card Game. The game was published on December 2022 with 104 Kickstarter backers. As a gamer of tabletop games and video games, He loves to make games that he and his friends can enjoy time and time again.

When Keun is not creating games, he enjoys traveling, hiking with his wife, or cuddling with his 2 cats and dog.

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